2017 The story concluded

It seems like it was only five minutes ago that I was posting my midseason review (2017 the story so far), but another 13 wonderful weddings later and here it is, the final round up of what was a fantastic year of weddings! It was a busy year for me, my busiest yet in fact and 2018 is looking like being busier still. Not that I am complaining; getting to work with the great couples that I do is extremely rewarding and I consider myself truly fortunate to be able to say I really do love my job. On the subject of being busy, year on year I am noticing that more and more couples are booking their wedding date with me further and further in advance, so if you are reading this and you yourself are getting marred, it’s never too early to get in touch.  So here they are, some of my favourite images from the second half of the 2017 season. It’s always tricky picking just a handful of images to represent so many amazing days, but you will no doubt notice what really appeals to me about these different images. I love the little moments, the little subtle looks between a bride and her groom, the smiles…and the tears (of joy of course). But I also get excited about the freedom to be creative and also narrate the story by involving the surroundings as well. So while I will always favour stepping back and shooting candidly, I also enjoy the opportunity to create the odd ‘wall hanger’ too and I’ve included some of my favourites of those images as well.

The second half of the year saw me visit even more great venues, some I have worked at before and some that are brand new to me and I hope to work at again! Below are images from Ivy Country House Hotel, The Bedford Lodge Newmarket, Norwich Castle, Elms Barn, The Norfolk Mead, Number 47 St Giles, The Lodge Barn Fulbourn, Woodhall Manor, Leez Priory, Five Lakes Hotel, Coalville Hall, Kimberly Hall,  and Channels Chelmsford.


Before you go….a quick thank you

Whilst I am enjoying this brief moment of reflection I think it’s a great time to give a little mention to my second shooters that have worked with me this year. Including a second photographer with all my packages may seem to some to be aimed at driving sales and being different to most other photographers who charge for this extra service and in small part it is, which I don’t deny. But in reality I include a second photographer with all my packages as I feel their input is invaluable. The final photos I deliver to my clients will sometimes be comprised of as much as 30% images taken by the second photographer, so it’s huge part of the coverage of the day they provide. The second photographer relieves a huge amount of pressure from me and allows me to really focus on certain parts of the day without the need to flit about like a mad man to try and cover it all. Case and point is in the morning during the preparations; I could drive from the bride to the groom and back to bride again to try and provide a modicum of coverage to both parties, but guaranteed I would miss something worth capturing; the second photographer takes all that stress away and there are many more times throughout the day when the same can be said again. And this is where the massive thank yous come in; I was lucky enough to have four regular second shooters this year that I truly admire for their work and really enjoy friendships with. So thanks to Sam Gee, Pete Denness, Lucy Lloyd and Winston Sanders; you guys always rock it when you come and work for me and you always blow me away with the moments you capture. You all always provide great creative input and on top of that are a pleasure to be around and work with. So thanks and here’s to many more weddings together!