Assembly Rooms and Unthank Arms Wedding- Katie and Paul


Hello and welcome to the blog of Katie and Pauls’ Assembly Rooms Norwich and Unthank Arms wedding!

As I slowly make my way through the 2022 archive and attempt to summarise weddings into these concise blogs, which is no mean feet, I arrived upon this gem from last April of Katie and Paul. The first thing that struck me as I sit here in April 2023 writing this is how good the weather was that day! Admittedly looking out of my office window as I type, in my little corner of Suffolk at least, the sun is shining; but on the back of the wettest March for 40 years, and following a damp squib of a bank holiday, it’s hard to not look back at last April with rose tinted glasses and think just how good we had it back then, weather wise at least!

The day started off early doors at Room 1 of the Assembly Rooms Norwich, a grand building indeed in the heart of the City. I love it when the bridal party of lots of space to spread out when getting ready, especially when there are pockets of beautiful light to be found everywhere (see if you can spot an image taken in a bathroom!).

The ceremony then took place in the main hall of the Assembly rooms, very big, very grand, very beautiful. After which there was time for a few drinks and few pics before the festivities were moved on to the Unthank Arms Pub, which was a lovely contrast in setting and set the tone for a wonderfully relaxed afternoon, basking in the spring sunshine, chilling in the garden and a spot of alfresco dining. All followed by speeches, a few more drinks and dancing inside! Thinking back, the stars aligned for this one. The settings, the weather, the people, everything fit perfectly and I had a blast documenting it all. No second shooter on this one, this is all me.  Enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re getting married and looking for a photographer, which lets be honest if you’re looking at my blog and not Katie, Paul, one of their guests or one of their suppliers, there’s a high probability you are, then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!