Batemans Barn Wedding Photography- Peter and Karema

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Batemans Barn Wedding Photography- Peter and Karema

Here is a selection of Batemans Barn Wedding Photography, taken at the beautiful spring wedding of Peter and Karema. The couple were blessed with some uncharacteristically good weather and given the awful summer we now find ourselves drowning in (it is currently bucketing down outside as I write this), it seems Peter and Karema had some pretty good crystal ball gazing skills in choosing to marry outside the prime summer months.

Batemans Barn was a new venue to me and I must say I loved shooting there! The barn itself is characterful and ideally suited for weddings and the surrounding grounds make for some stunning photos. Blessed with some beautiful early blossom on the trees and blue skies all day (practically, it did rain for about 3 minutes in the morning), after a relaxed bridal prep session on site in the morning, Batemans has a lovely bridal suite, it was straight into the ceremony in the lovely barn. The couple and I then went for a nice relaxed stroll around the grounds, even ducking into some grand old ruins that lay not far from the barn which Peter and Karema had taken a particular shine too.

I wasn’t quite done with the couple at that point as I had spotted some pretty spectacular oil rape seed fields in full bloom on my drive the Batemans Barn and I couldn’t resist steeling the couple away for an extra few photos in the evening during the short break between the meal and the party shenanigans which were about to ensue. I may have got my distances a little wrong however and couldn’t quite make it to the field I had in mind, but that didn’t matter. Peter and Karema were good sports and we still managed to find a lovely bright yellow field to get amongst!

Here are some highlights from the day. For information on pricing check out my packages page or drop me a line via the contact form.