Bruisyard Hall Wedding- Brendon and Beth

The Bruisyard Hall wedding of Brendon and Beth allowed me to tick a local venue of my bucket list as I’d wanted to shoot there since I began in wedding photography. The manor house, the grounds, everything about the place is beautiful and a joy to shoot at. I was also lucky (as I always seem to be) to have a very lovely couple and equally lovely guests to photograph. Bruisyard Hall, like so many great venues these days, is a one stop shop for weddings, with the couple and close family all able to stay and get ready for the big day on site, in a number of the beautiful, grand, high ceilinged, big windowed bedrooms within the hall. I’m always excited to shoot the all important preparations in such well lit rooms with so much character; you pretty much can’t miss…it’s a wedding photographer’s dream. Bruisyard Hall is no exception, so apologies if there are a few more preparation shots in this blog than I would normally include (I was just having too much fun and had to share!)

With me on this one was my good friend and first class photographer Pete Denness and it was his task to shadow the groom and his pals in the morning. Pete does this better than most and I always love to go through his images after a wedding and see what gems he’s captured for me to give to the lucky couple.

After a few hours getting ready in the house it’s a short walk down the ceremony barn. In Beth’s case it was a short drive in his Dad’s pride and joy Mercedes. It wasn’t necessary to drive, but her dad drove Beth’s sister to her wedding and he wanted to do the same for Beth…and why not, it was a lovely day for a drive and a wedding!

That’s about enough from me, time to show you some pics! As always here is a selection of my favourites from the day. It’s always tricky making these blog posts concise with so many favourites but I’ve tried my best. Look out for the derelict farm buildings during the couple shoot, they are personal favourites of mine…I love the mix of the run down buildings amongst the grandeur of the hall and grounds.

If you are getting married at Bruisyard Hall or anywhere else for that matter and are still looking for a photographer be sure to get in touch and let’s chat about your lovely day!


All images copyright of Suffolk Wedding Photographer Hillier James