Classic Marquee wedding- Sophie and Angus

I realise anyone looking at my blog section will see that the post that directly precedes this one has 2021 in the title…yes, I am that far behind, no I have not disappeared and yes, 2022 was just as epic for weddings! I will in time get to a post summarising and sampling all the weddings I was fortunate to shoot in 2022 (there were quite a few!), but, for now take a look at this gem of a wedding from the early part of the season.

Sophie and Angus found me as I was the photographer for a school friend of Sophie’s (check out that wedding here, it’s also rather epic- Georgia and Pat). It’s always great to know that friends of my previous couple’s liked their friend’s wedding photos so much they would ask me to be their photographer as well, I take it as a massive compliment and it’s an honour to provide my services for them.

Being a referral the wedding was a little bit further away that my normal haunts of Norfolk and Suffolk and had me travelling down to Bishop’s Stortford down near Stansted. The ceremony was held in the local parish of Sophie’s family home followed by the reception with a stunning marquee, adorned with beautiful flowers and even trees (yes, trees), on the lawn of Sophie’s parents house, which I might add was also stunning and grand. I managed to steal the couple away for short ten minute couple shoot in the beautiful walled garden of the grounds, before it was into the marquee for a round of speeches, some delicious food and an evening of dancing and Scottish reeling, expertly called by Angus’ own father. I am now under the impression that all Scottish people just know how to call the dances for reeling, but I may be wrong!

Alongside me on this wedding was my lovely second shooter, Jo, who stepped up this year and filled what turned out to be quite a few dates for me and she became a great addition to my team of regular second shooters. A few of the following images are hers.


All images Copyright of Suffolk Wedding Photographer Hillier James