Hush Venues Postwick Wedding- Alice and Greg

I said to myself this year that as well as shooting lots of wonderful weddings, I am also going to keep up with blogging lots of wonderful weddings, so that all the effort my lovely couple’s go to can be appreciated even more! So, true to my word (so far) here is another of my favourite weddings from what was a simply epic 2017 (was 2017 really last year already!!) The following images were shot at Alice and Greg’s lovely outdoor wedding at the picturesque Hush Venues Postwick, just south of Norwich. It’s a simple concept of a place; just take a lush green woodland with a clearing for a marquee, build a simply structure in said woodland and get a license to conduct marriages and then let inspired and willing couples create a totally bespoke and custom wedding to their heart’s desire. I’ve probably mentioned it before but I am a MASSIVE fan of DIY weddings. Not only because being DIY is pretty much guarantees everything is pretty unique, but also because parties in fields are always so much fun and super relaxed. I don’t know if it’s being in nature or the lack of any real established rules, but people really seem to let go and unwind at DIY weddings and I always think that translates so well into the photographs we capture.

I say we as, like always, I had a second shooter with me for the day and on this occasion it was my good friend and regular shooter for the 2017 season, Lucy Lloyd. There was no ‘groom prep’ on this occasion; no ‘bridal prep’ either for that matter. Alice and Greg had opted for an 8 hour package as it suited their wishes perfectly, so Lucy and I arrived at Hush Venues in time to capture the build up to the ceremony and the festivities that followed there after.

Here are a few of my choice pics from the day. If you are getting married at Hush Venues, or any other venue for that matter (even your Nan’s back garden), then get in touch to find out more about the different packages on offer! Enjoy!