Ivy Country House Hotel Wedding- Laura and Grant

On the blog this week is Laura and Grant’s beautiful Ivy Country House Hotel wedding, a wedding close to home for me…literally and figuratively. Laura and Grant are a super sweet couple from Lowestoft, my home town and I have known Grant for quite some time; he even played bass in the awesome band that was The Storyteller who helped my wife and I party our wedding night away in 2015. Laura and I hadn’t met before they decided to book me for their wedding but knowing what a stand up gent and all round lovely guy Grant is, I knew Laura wouldn’t be anything less than a sweetheart herself, which turned out to be absolutely true!

As is the norm I joined Laura, her Mum, her bridesmaids and twin flower girls at Laura and Grant’s home in Pakefield for the all important bridal preparations, while my good friend and colleague Lucy Lloyd joined the boys; those familiar with my blog will have seen Lucy’s excellent work before at previous weddings; she always does a great job for me and I love going through her images after a fantastic wedding such as this. Grant was to get ready not far from home at his Parent’s house; that’s one of the great things about marrying close to home, everything is easy and convenient!

Before heading to the Ivy Country House Hotel for the reception, the couple married at Pakefield Church in what was Canon Bob Baker’s last wedding before retiring, which I am sure held extra special significance for him (happy retirement Bob!). After the ceremony I thought it was straight off to the reception, but unbeknown to both me and his new wife, Grant had a little plan up his sleeve to visit Kensington Gardens, for a quick five minutes of reflection. The gardens are a special place for Grant and Laura as it was within the gardens their relationship officially began so I am told, so it was a lovely touch by Grant to plan a little stop there for just the two of them to have a quiet moment together.

Back at Ivy Country House the reception was in full swing by the time we arrived and the festivities commenced, with of course a few photos around the grounds thrown in for good measure. Check it out below!