Kimberly Hall Wedding- Sarah and Alex

Kimberly Hall Wedding- Sarah and Alex

It’s been a while coming but I am delighted to be able to share the Kimberly Hall Wedding of Sarah and Alex that I shot towards the end of the summer last year. Kimberly Hall is quite simply stunning. A private residence for the most part, the family that now own Kimberly Hall allow a wing of the grand building and the grounds to be used for weddings throughout the year, which is great as it’s a joy to photograph happy couples there!

Kimberly Hall was built in 1712 and is situated on the ‘hill at downham’ approximately 9 miles from Norwich in Norfolk countryside. The impressive grounds were designed in 1778 by the famous Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and the house over looks an impressive 15 acre lake in the River Tiffer Valley. By all accounts it’s an amazing setting and venue to host a wedding (can you tell I enjoyed myself shooting there?!)

I started the morning at Sarah’s Mum’s house, a short drive from Kimberly Hall. It was a busy morning with several bridesmaids and a very excited Sarah to get prepared for the day ahead. Alex spent the morning preparing at Kimberly Hall, which allowed him the time for a cheeky scotch to steady the nerves before the proceedings kicked off. He needn’t have worried though as anyone could see he couldn’t wait to make Sarah his wife, so when it came to it there were no sign of nerves at all!

The rain threatened once of twice throughout the day but stayed away when it counted so the couple were able to host reception drinks in the impressive grounds as they had planned. Dry weather was also a prerequisite for the confetti distributor to be able to work (if you’re a little confused by that don’t be, the confetti was distributed to guests by a very nice Shetland pony and apparently Shetland ponies aren’t welcome inside the house for some crazy reason). Apparently the Shetland pony was a joke that went too far but it was a lovely comical touch and after all, who doesn’t love a small pony giving out confetti?

The rain did eventually come, but by then we were all inside enjoying the food, speeches and dancing so it mattered not! Here are some highlights from the day…

All images copyrighted to Norfolk Wedding Photographer Hillier James